Ashley Twist

This energetic live dance show from Twist & Pulse, the BRIT school graduates and ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent runners-up, will take your breath away.

Ashley Glazebrook (Twist) and Glen Murphy (Pulse) from South London have toured the UK and Ireland extensively, performing to over a million people since BGT. Recently, they returned to our screens as mentors and choreographers of their own Twist and Pulse Dance Company on Sky and have become role models for young people around the UK.

The boys’ live show, Streetomedy, features stunning choreography mixed with comedy, using current popular culture including the music charts and blockbuster movies for their inspiration.

On and off the stage, they provide purpose and motivation to young people during difficult times, and after the youth riots in the summer of 2011, Ash and Glen have become even more determined to work with young people. They say: “We love seeing kids getting into dancing. We just want to teach them everything we know and pass on all our passion! We want to show kids that you can come from nothing and make it with hard work and a dream.”